MASSAGE -the effects of massage on the body: circulation is increased and with that the intake of oxygen to your musceles. The levels of oxytocin in the body are increased, wich is a hormone that gives you a sense of calm and lowers bloodpreassure. It increases the number of endorfines in your blood; Endorfines are the bod´s own natural painkiller.

Full Body Massage- swedish massage 60 min. 590:-, 30 min. 300:-

Full Body Massage SPA version 50 min 490:-
Smothe strokes for your wellbeeing.

Full Body Massage Hot Stone Massage 50 min 490:-
Massage using smooth heated stones.

Scalp massage
The hair is washed and the scalp is massaged with a 100% Pure Natural Plant
Essential Teraphy Shampoo, rinsed and given conditioning treatment. The hair is
then blow dryed. 40 min 350:-

Foot massage
A foot massage with hraling oils from the toes to the knees, stimulating the blood flow to your legs, making them feel like new. 50 min 350:-

Body peeling
Exfoliation for the whole body. Dead skin cells are removed leaving the skin
wonderfully soft, making your skin new and fresh. 50 min 390:-

Aromatic oil treatment.
You are wrapped in a heated blanket for 20 minutes within the oil you need.
Leaving you feeling warm and relaxed. 60 min 490:-

Jacuzzi treatment
Bathe in warm bubbeling water with aromatic oils choosen by us together. They can either be invigorating or relaxing depending on how you feel.
You will bathe for 10-20 minutes with a face and/or a hair mask. Afterwards a tasty treat awatis you. Stars will be twinkling above you, candels will be lit and music you can enjoy will go on.,aroma will be wonderful!
50 min 590:-


Full facial treatment- it begins with an absolutely fabulous upper-back, neck-face and upper chest massage. Follow of a cleansing and exfloiating face, face mask chosen to your skin type. This is finished off with a lovely mouisting day creme. 70 min 790:-

Facial treatment with moisturing products. Including a hand massage with a softening anti treatment. 50 min 390:-

Eyebrow and eyelash tinting including eyebrow shaping. 300:-
Eyebrow tinting 150:-
Eyelash tinting 150:-

Everday make up including make up advice. 250:-

Party make up including make up advice and confidence boosting. 300:-